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With permission from Brenna:

"Sorry it’s been so long but exams were in the way of me having fun with you all. So, for this dare I thought I’d try out recording myself while I play with … well … myself! I’ve seen a few others do it and it turned me on greatly. I love talking dirty and knew this was going to be good. To get myself warmed up I went to my inbox and read all the hot and sexy emails you guys have sent me over the last weeks and in no time I was wet and ready to cum right there. I started recording and took out my slim pink toy and in went in too easily. Another thing I should mention is that when I talk sexy and out loud it’t totally different than just thinking about it and I get really horny from it. Knowing I was talking to you all made it even hotter and that’s why I came so quickly. The emails, toy and talk worked wonders and I was spent. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it. You’ve always been so nice."

NY-Wife -
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With permission from NY Wife:

"I’m NY wife and I am posting my first ever truth or dare pics. My husband and I look at all the dares everyday and have gotten some spicy nights from it so a big thank you to all who show us your private lives. We especially like the audio dares and decided to make one ourselves. It wasn’t that difficult and my husband was playing with me while I did it. It was so much fun and such a trun on! We hope to hear from everyone and hope you like our first pictures and audio."

Terry and Tim for Truth or Dare Pics - sex sounds
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With Permission from Terry/Tim:

"We love the site and have been followers for years. For our 1st dare we thought we’d do something a little different. My boyfriend Tim and I decided to record ourselves having sex in different parts of the house. It turns us both on so much to think about the idea of a bunch of strangers listening to us when we are in private. We hope to get good feedback and that you all enjoy our sounds as much as we did."

G and T - moaning orgasm
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With permission from G & T:

"I’m G and my husband is T and this is our first time on the site. I lost a bet to T with the super bowl and had to pay up. I had no problems sending in pictures but he wanted everyone to hear me cum too. Like many I guess I hate the sound of my own voice on tape but I did make the bet and so had to go through with it. I had to get undressed first and have T feel me up and was wet in seconds knowing I was about to click ‘record’. Even though halfway through I say I am wet it started way before and all the things I described were actually going on as I didn’t know what else to say. I was nervous about it but so so turned on too and my orgasm was quick and intense. When we listened to it afterwards I was so embarrassed. I sounded like a porn actress and wanted to delete the recording but T kept my finger off the delete button. I hope you all don’t think it’s too cheesy."

Sandra and Mark todp - Sandra and Mark - Our dare for
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With permission from Sandra:

"OMG!! I wasn’t expecting THAT! Thank you thank you everyone!! The emails poured in and I was overwhelemed … and very very wet! So I promised to show more and to reveal my behind so here are the pictures. Mark and I also included a little something for the audio dare section and I kid you not it was the result of all the feedback, meaning it’s what got us into bed :D"


Wife69 - Us Having Sex for Truthordarepics
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From WifeSixNine with Permission:

"First of all thanks to the webmaster for the back and forth emails in helping us get started with this. My husband and I are not very technically oriented and we needed some help. This all started because we answered an ad at an online dating site where someone was offering to video record a couple at no cost and would leave when we are done. His compensation was the opportunity to watch.

Arrangements were made for one evening and he arrived on time and he was an average looking guy. We chatted for a while and we gave him our video camera and he explained that he will tape whatever we want him to tape and since it was our camera, the video wouldn’t go anywhere. After we all felt comfortable, I stood up and started to undress in front of this guy and he began to tape me. My nipples were erect and the guy kept saying “very nice”. When I was finally naked, he noted my wet pussy and focused his camera between my legs. I opened my legs and he had a clear view of my pussy and I ran my fingers over my clit and it was very obvious I was turned on.

I made us all drinks and served naked while he continued to video tape. Then my husband laid me down on the couch and spread my legs wide and ate my pussy and the guy kept on taping. It was not long before I had my husband’s pants off and proceeded to go down on him and play with his balls. At first he could not get hard with this guy taping us, however, I was able to take care of that and relaxed him in no time.

When we were done, he put down the camera and said he hoped we enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed watching us. It was a lot of fun and very erotic. We’re not ready yet to share the video since we’d need to do a lot of editing and don’t know how to do it yet but we did get off on the idea of people hearing us. Here are some pictures and a sound recording which isn’t the best quality - like I said we are not that technical - and there are a lot of empty spaces but it is us. Let us know what you all think.

Wife Six Nine”